Some of the earliest Members of the Society include Thomas Arne, William Boyce, Edward Purcell and George Frideric Handel for whom the Society was a favourite charity. Today, some of the greatest names in music appear among our membership.

Many Members are actively involved with RSM: as ambassadors, raising awareness of its work, advising of colleagues in need, recommending other musicians for membership and, sometimes, fundraising for the Society.

Membership costs £25 a year for those aged under 30 and £45 a year for those aged 30 and over. Any candidate must have been a professional musician or professionally active within the world of music for a period of not less than three years preceding their application.

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We keep in touch with our growing membership through monthly meetings, regular email updates, twice-yearly mailings and the AGM.

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If you have queries, please contact [email protected] / 020 7629 6137, or take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.